Mission & Evangelism

The Mission & Evangelism department is headed by Rev Francis Philip Lado

mission@southsudan.anglican.org, +211 (0) 9214444442; +211 (0) 916333399

The office of Mission and Evangelism exists to proclaim the risen Christ to all the ends of South Sudan. Our purpose is to train disciples, pastors and all the church leaders, and the body of Christ so that they go out and preach the Gospel of salvation, peace and reconciliation.

1. To enhance Evangelism and Mission throughout the Internal Provinces.
2. To strategise and strengthen Evangelism, Discipleship and Missions
3. Training of Disciples, Evangelists and Mission Teams in all the Internal Provinces and the archdiocese of Juba.
4. Provision of evangelism materials and Bibles in various modes and languages.